Dear future me,

CONGRATULATIONS! On the launch of your life-long dream and without a doubt the biggest goal you have ever fought for. Your hard work is paying off, and you are now walking towards a brand new life without the abuse, and the physical pain you were so familiar with in the past. You are no longer that lost, beaten, and broken little girl that you used to be. That little girl has finally been laid to rest. Your life has taken such drastic turns that has lead you to this moment, and I am so proud that you NEVER GAVE UP!

You have encountered so many close-calls, and you survived. This should tell you every single day of your life that you will always overcome what hurts or scares you the most. You are stronger than what you were before, you are wiser, and now you have a solid path to follow that will make it easier to reach the future goals you have planned for yourself, your family, and those around you.

Due to the hard work and sacrifices to get where you are, Maddy will never know what it is like to go without food, shelter, and other basic necessities. She will never walk into a dark house from not having electricity, she will never have to risk her health simply because you can’t afford to take her to the doctor. She WILL have the opportunity to attend college without worry if she will be able to afford her tuition, and she WILL live the life that you always had planned for her, most importantly, she WILL have you to look up to for guidance when she begins to embark on her own journeys. Enjoy it, treasure it, be grateful for the opportunity, and always PAY IT FORWARD to others. Create opportunities for those who hold your passion and ambition; teaching them that the world is theirs for the taking, if you want it bad enough.

Remember that this is just the beginning of a new life. The life you would write out so vividly in your journals when you were at your darkest times, buy the fake palm trees you had always wanted since you were little, and share your experiences and trials with as many people that will listen.

Now go out, and do what you were placed on this earth to do: work hard for want you want, become a voice that inspires others to become great, be the example that you looked up too for so long, and never let your nay-sayers win….EVER!!!

I look forward to writing another future letter to you in July 2nd, 2018. Keep it up!


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