Election Debate 2012: POV from a fresh entrepreneur

OK…. so my head has been running non-stop since first setting eyes on the debate tonight.  One topic that obviously affects me most is when small business is brought to the table, and more specifically, tax increases for Americans making over $250K a year.  Now, I am not one to normally bring my political opinions into play (this is a rare occasion), but this election and specific topic is pivotal to my company’s future, as it is for many small businesses or aspiring entrepreneurs.

CURRENTLY: I am an extremely frugal mom, working in the non-profit sector making under $27K/year, no insurance, no benefits, living just above paycheck to paycheck, and always having to come up with cost-conscious and clever ways of making a dollar stretch. Some might think this calls for a pity party, but due to these types of financial hardships, I was able to successfully design this company, therefore, I don’t see myself as “unfortunate” or a “VICTIM” at all. I am an opportunist. (Turning negatives into positives)

Within the next 4 years, I DO NOT see myself still in the same financial situation that I am in today. I am building this company, making responsible consumer choices, paying off the little bit of debt remaining from college (under $3K left!  Yay!), and most importantly, investing money that I am saving into something a hell of a lot more substantial than fancy hair extensions and spray tans.    

I want to invest in more lives than just my own! Nothing would make me happier than to look someone in the eyes, and be in the position to offer them a job, and in time, turn that “job” into a career.  

One other reason why I don’t fully agree on the tax increase is because I think of my friends!  I have a few friends that make more than $250K, and that have worked their asses off for the majority of their lives, non-stop, to get there. No vacations, no fun time, missed family events… just to pursue their dreams and goals.  These are people who came from nothing, made wise choices, followed through with them, and now, are able to build a comfortable life for themselves and their families, as well as, create jobs for others and their families. 

Now if you want to raise taxes on that top 1% most wealthiest list, ESPECIALLY the companies apart of that 1% that continue to outsource jobs, then by all means…..GO FOR IT!


One thought on “Election Debate 2012: POV from a fresh entrepreneur

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